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How To Store Vinyl

Records come in two sizes, singles are 7" and often referred to as 45's because they play at 45 rpm. Albums and long play singles are 12" and play at 33 1/3 rpm. An average 12” can weigh between 140 and 220 grams and they can be packaged as double albums in gate-fold covers (two records and a lot of artwork and information about the artists and band). Therefore your favourite album can weigh 700 grams.

When we open the coffee shop in Stoke on Trent, we will be mindful to display the records safely around the food and drinks.

Warped Records - keep them away from the heat

The record should be slotted into it's sleeve before being stored in the album cover. This will protect it from dust. Make sure that the record wont fall out when the album cover is moved around. You do this by ensuring the opening to the sleeve faces north when the opening to the album cover faces east.

When you're not playing your records, put them in a vertical position on a shelf. I recommend bookends of some description so that they don't lean on each other. The ones on the end will be taking all of the weight and are likely to become damaged.

Clean your records and your needle. I have a little brush for the stylus (needle) as it often picks up dust and fluffy stuff from the record. Clean your records before you play them. I recommend cleaning products by Near Mint but I have heard some people use PVA glue??

Take them out and play them. Enjoy!

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