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The Stones

I can't remember when I first liked The Rolling Stones. They have always been there. They were formed in 1962 with Mick Jagger, singer; Ian Stewart (Stu), piano; Keith Richards, guitar; Brian Jones (Elmo Lewis), guitar; Bill Wyman, bass and Charlie Watts on Drums.

Band members have changed over the years with the 'death by misadventure' of Brian Jones in 1969 and Mick Taylor, guitarist, leaving in 1974 to be replaced by Ronnie Wood.

Their early 60's singles came across to me as their attempt to emulate their blues heroes. "It's All Over Now" is a classic example of a song that could have been written by Chuck Berry. I love "I Wanna Be Your Man" as they sound like a bunch of stalkers who are going to scare you into a relationship. However, this is a Beatles song and I think that it is evident from their later work that this was not the direction that The Rolling Stones wanted their music to travel in.

However, "Sympathy For The Devil" from their Beggars Banquet album in 1968 shows The Rolling Stones growing up and finding their own identity. Mick and Keith had been arrested on drug offences the previous year and narrowly avoided prison sentences so maybe it was time to get serious.

The album Let It Bleed was released in November 1969 after the death of Brian Jones and continues to show their confidence and machismo as performers. "Gimme Shelter" gets under your skin and I think that is the agenda.

I love "Brown Sugar" from their album Sticky Fingers but my favourite song on that LP is "Wild Horses". It sound great on headphones or at least very loud with few distractions. To me this is a guitar song and the guitarists are having a great time jamming together. This is their song which they are performing beautifully and it is up to Mick to keep up with the lyrics if he can. If he doesn't, they don't care, lyrics are a bonus - it's great.

I would choose "Honky Tonk Women" (1969) from the album 'Live'r Than You'll Ever Be' and "Start Me Up" (1981) from the album 'Tattoo You' for Rolling Stones songs that I can dance to and 'get my Mick Jagger impersonation on' to. However, I am sure most people are familiar with The Rolling Stones for "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (1965) from the album 'Out Of Our Heads'. It's full of energy and attitude and by the end of the song, these guys are shouting the lyrics. Belting tune!

Buy some biographies, autobiographies if you can and learn more about the original Rock and Rollers and the guys that parents and society, did not want teenagers to know. The music is funky, rocky, bluesy, pop-like in places and over more than 50 years, I'm sure they have produced something for everyone and they are still going strong. Enjoy! 😎 🎸

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