Hints & tips on how to care for your vinyl records.

20th Oct, 2017


A well-kept vinyl should last a lifetime...




The first step to maintaining your records is proper storage. Always try to keep your records stored vertically, avoiding stacking as this may cause the record to warp over time. Ensure that all records are kept at a reasonable temperature and away from direct sunlight, again either of these may cause warping. Finally, and I'm sure to many of you, most obviously, keep your records in their sleeve, inside the cover. This should help keep the dust out.




No matter how much love and attention you place on your records, at some point, they'll need a clean. To do this there are a number of options, from your standard record cleaning solution and water right up to professional vacuum style cleaners. All of these techniques come with their ups and downs, of course, it would be perfect if everyone could afford the most expensive kit. Often, however, this is just not practical. In our humble opinion, for the everyday user looking for a good midpoint, we would recommend Near Mint Wipes. This provides an excellent clean whilst not breaking the bank or taking all afternoon.


For even more cleaning power combine this with the Near Mint X Tru Thoughts - 360 Vinyl cleaning solution and microfibre cloth.


Take care with your vinyls:


Again, this may seem like a no-brainer but that tiny bit of care and attention when handling your records out of their sleeves will go a long way. No matter how clean your hands, over time, if you don't handle your records correctly dust/oils will build up in the grooves and eventually cause your sound quality to decrease significantly.Try to handle your record using the central label and the edge, this small tip could go a long way in extending the life of your most precious records.


Look after your Turntable:


Our final step in maintaining your records would be to take the same amount of care mentioned above with your Turntable. No matter how clean your records, if you attempt to play these on a dirty Turntable then you may as throw all your hard work in the bin. Ensure you regularly clean both your turntable surface and needle, accumulation of dust can affect both of these pieces.Finally, if you have a lid on your Turntable, be sure to close it after each use.